Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stick a Fork In Perry, Here Come's the Non-Starter Cain Again

The 'Anyone But Paul' Party marches on -
Texas Gov. Rick Perry has tumbled among GOP primary voters and now trails business executive Herman Cain in the race for the nomination, according to the latest IBOPE Zogby Poll. Cain's campaign appears to have picked up steam after a win in Florida's Straw Poll this weekend, while Perry continues to suffer from lackluster performances in GOP debates, the most recent held last Thursday in Orlando. Perry, at 18 percent, has tumbled by more than 20 percentage points over the past month, according to IBOPE Zogby numbers and is now second to Herman Cain, who leads the field with 28 percent.
The Real Effect
I don't know what the GOP thinks is going to happen if Paul gets elected, the man has demonstrated consistently that he supports the values that they claim to uphold. Of course, this sort of election should suffice to show that it is about maintaining power not implementing the platitudes that one offers the masses when running for public office. Fraud anyone?

Naturally, the White Elephants are absolutely paralyzed at the thought of not spending trillions of dollars invading other nations they don't even represent perhaps in part because they know what kind of karmic payback the United States is due. Of course, we remember who is supporting these intellectual and fiscal failures -

  • Neocon - Primarily baby boomer and older - This group is obsessed with "preserving" things the way they are. This is evidenced in their continual support for anything that sounds like old fashioned Americana. (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, zoning, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, etc...) They have predicated most of their worldview into a belief that they are the greatest generation. They created American prosperity, American superiority and the American Dream darn it! They have spent a good portion of their lives stealing from others, therefore they rightly fear the wave of reciprocity that is coming.
 These positions are unsustainable. Period. The math demonstrates it and the country is now confirming it and unless we want to sell our souls to the Dark Prince, we need to repent of our mercantile ways and return this country to a sound judicial standing on private property.

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