Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Turning of the Tide

In June of 2009 I posted the following -
This is not a recession, it is a depression. And a massive one at that. We are not at the bottom, we are on gaining momentum for the next plunge down. If you thought the last drop was bad, this one is going to strike fear into the hearts of men everywhere. The Dow will push through the last market low of 7,392.27, then 6000 and after that 3000. As capitol assets are ravished, what you will be seeing is the consumption of the golden goose in a proverbial feasting on the rotting carcass of the American consumer. If you disagree, ask yourself the following, what is holding US up?
The analogy that was being invoked at this point was that of a roller coaster as the economy/statistics, fresh off a major plunge was going back up. Seldom is it the case that any institution or country falls straight into the abyss, rather it is usually the case that man sees fit to desperately try to save his sorry hide from the onslaught that is sure to follow. So it is with the United States.

In 2008., after years of warnings from professors, experts and what was then regarded as complete lunatics, the economy collapsed. (Or more properly, the sham that we thought was our economy collapsed having been long replaced with a mercantile paradise. )

In 2005, nearly SIX years ago and THREE years before the "crisis" -
Now I don't believe that it takes a genius to figure out that the housing market will at least temporarily collapse...
....we will begin to see many people selling off properties in an attempt to capitalize on unrealistically high housing prices. After all, if you can't afford to heat one house, can you afford to heat two?

I strongly believe this will lead to a panicked sell-a-thon which will flood the market with overpriced housing, driving the prices down to at least pre-bubble levels. This will leave many holding large outstanding debts as much of their investment's value plummets.
In July of 2008, I warned that the banks were in massive amounts of trouble, once again jumping ahead of the crisis by an incredible 3 months -
The bleeding is worsening as the globalists loot the American people of everything. Pensions are starting to disappear, savings are gone, debt is piling on and the elite are laughing. After all, you got your "stimulus" check right?
This is going to get much worse everyone with a domino effect knocking off many long-standing institutions as they become "Federal".
Back then, who would have thought the Federal government would have tried to nationalize much of anything let alone some of the biggest entities in the world.

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