Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TSA Comes to Lambeau

Wisconsinites everywhere should hang their cheeseheads in shame -
Green Bay Packers fans should arrive early and expect some delays for Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos as the team implements heightened security measures for the games at Lambeau Field this season.

The National Football League is pushing for enhanced security, and starting with Sunday's game at Lambeau, all fans will be subject to a hand-held, metal-detecting wand test before being admitted.The procedure would be similar to wand inspections at the airport, but this process would be less invasive than the full-body exam, said Doug Collins, Packers director of security.
The Real Effect
What better place to put this kind of security on display then the home of the Super Bowl Champions?
Of course, we all know that this is more posturing to eliminate the common people's rights but let's be perfectly clear about this.
  1. As a private organization, they have every right to implement these sort of procedures if they would like.
  2. I as a private citizen, have every right to boycott the living daylights out of your organization for doing so.
  3. Let's not be naive about this, the DHS put the NFL up to this.
We turn to 2006 for the rationale -
I will go over this real slowly, so all may understand. If you create a terrorist and then your own 'experts' to testify to the nastiness of this terrorist and then the aforementioned terrorist does something scary, you get billions of dollars in funding and tons more control over a populace. I believe that it is the oldest trick in the book.

Watch for the story to die down, yet the call to "vigilance" and "protection" grows while pushing the conclusion of the story aside. And all it takes to solidify it in your mind, is one terrorist attack that they tell you is from the "terrorist" and liberty becomes a forethought reserved for the annals of history.

And when will it go away? When the money runs out -
Searching people at the borders and prosecuting criminals will reduce crime and terrorism. It will actually work. This reduces the need for expensive and invasive systems such as the TSA, Highway Watch and citizen watch programs. This makes less money for the bureaucrats and politicians and erodes their power base. Where would the pay raise in that be? No this is typical problem-reaction-solution fear mongering in an attempt to strip the Republic and it's good people of their rights.

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