Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Banksters Committing Crimes? Nooooo...

HSBC gets exposed -
Cruz told WND he recorded meetings he conducted with HSBC management and bank security personnel in which he charges various bank managers were engaging in criminal acts.

“I have hours upon hours of voice recordings, ranging from bank tellers, to business representatives, to managers, to executives,” he said. “The whole system is designed to be a culture of fraud to make it look like it’s a legalized system. But it’s not.”

Cruz explained that even when he let bank managers know he was taping the conversation, the managers were not interested in what he was saying.

“HSBC is a criminal organization,” he stressed. “It is a culture of crime.”
The Real Effect
This is part and parcel about why I rail about most government intervention. Most people believe that government is a group of well meaning individuals that are trying to make sure that things are equitable, just and fair. In reality, most government activities is about wealth redistribution from the haves to the have even mores. In a just government, it is of no consequence or concern to a member of the government if I trade with Bob product A for Product B as long as no one's rights are being infringed.

But in today's reality, we recognize that a act may have some inherit danger associated with it, we outlaw it, then we give "exemptions" to the lobbyists so that Big-Mega Company can continue 'providing jobs'.  This results in a monopolistic environment where only the largest companies can possibly have the resources to 'follow the law'. Everyone else is doomed.

For instance, if Bob chooses to buy a house that is too big for him, generally speaking he defaults on his loan, loses his house, his credit gets trashed and he loses gobs of cash. If Super-Ultra Bank buys too many loans, the institution is deemed 'to big to fail' and is bailed out using Bob's money.

Do we really need to discuss why that's a bad idea?

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