Friday, May 11, 2012

Cop Kicks Pregnant Woman In The Stomach

Suspend for a moment, if you will, your belief on who is right -
The incident occurred when officer Jerad Wheeler was called to the pregnant woman’s home to settle a dispute involving the woman’s brother and his partner.

When her brother began arguing with the officer, nine month pregnant Raven Dozier said that Wheeler pulled out a taser and used it on him. When Miss Dozier started crying and asking the officer why he was resorting to such actions, Wheeler kicked her in the stomach, arrested her and charged her with obstruction of a police officer.

Dozier filed an internal affairs complaint with the Dekalb County Police Department, however, officer Wheeler’s superiors put a lid on the investigation and explicitly approved of his conduct, saying he did not contravene department policy.
The Real Effect
 Got that? No? Let's walk through it....
  1. Individual commits action. Is kicked and arrested.
  2. Individual files complaint with police department, basically alleging assault.
  3. Police department exonerates itself citing its own policy.
Got it now? NO ONE is supposed to be above the law and policy or not who has the authority to hold these individuals accountable?


Now, change the policy from kick to shoot and we can plainly see just how the SS got its start.
(In case you still doubt, here are the snitches.)

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