Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Romney Swings At Teachers

Showing his populist strategy, flip mittens does what he does best...sucker Republicans -
Mitt Romney said Wednesday he will expand Washington’s voucher program as part of a broad push for more school choice nationwide, setting up a dramatic contrast with President Obama, who has called for the D.C. program to be phased out, and with teachers unions, which have fought against expanded choice.

Mr. Romney announced the push on education in a speech in Washington as he made overtures to Hispanic voters, who regularly tell pollsters that access to education is one of their top concerns — even above immigration — and who generally support vouchers.

“Here we are in the most prosperous nation, but millions of kids are getting a Third World education. And America’s minority children suffer the most,” Mr. Romney said in a speech to the Latino Coalition, a conservative Hispanic organization. “This is the civil rights issue of our era. And it’s the great challenge of our time.”

And he declared war on teachers unions, saying they “are the clearest example of a group that has lost its way.” He said Mr. Obama is too beholden to the unions to be able to reform the school system.
The Real Effect
Oh, someone has been watching the political scene here in Wisconsin and is putting his finger to the wind eh? I am reminded of the great Homer Stokes -
Is you is, or is you ain't, my constituency? 
 But hey, don't take my word for it, let's go to the boss and get his word from the 2008 Goldman Sachs gifts -
Among Federal Candidates, 2008 Cycle

Name Office Total Contributions

Obama, Barack (D-IL) Senate $996,595
Clinton, Hillary (D-NY) Senate $411,150
Romney, Mitt (R) Pres $234,275
McCain, John (R-AZ) Senate $230,095
Himes, Jim (D-CT) House $155,098
Dodd, Chris (D-CT) Senate $112,500
Giuliani, Rudolph W (R) Pres $111,750
Edwards, John (D) Pres $66,450
Specter, Arlen (R-PA) Senate $47,600
Emanuel, Rahm (D-IL) House $37,750
 And who's been "important" since this list came out? Why, virtually all of them of course.

Watch for Romney to continually pander to his base and try to mimic Ron Paul until after the election. Once the election is over, if he wins, watch the president elect perform the usual presidential "moderation" as he shifts into governance mode and like Obama before him, throws out all of his campaign promises. After all, they weren't really necessary in the first place and we just can't "afford them".

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