Monday, March 21, 2011

Chess Piece Libya - I'll Take That Rook

A vote is not enough, bombs and missiles must answer the "Christian" clarion call of freedom in Libya -
Today, on March 19, 2011, the U.S., U.K. and France at long last intervened in Libya as Qaddafi’s forces began the final assault to finish off the rebels. After thousands of deaths and incalculable destruction, Operation Odyssey Dawn began with air and missile strikes on Qaddafi’s tanks and air defenses in an attempt to perform an 11th hour rescue.

France fired the first shots by destroying four of Qaddafi’s tanks near Benghazi, the capital of the opposition. Over 100 Tomahawk missiles were then fired from U.S. and British warships and submarines to destroy about 20 air defense sites. The immediate objective is to prevent Qaddafi’s forces from putting a quick end to the conflict by overrunning Benghazi and pave the way for the establishment of a no fly zone. Various European countries will soon be involved and Arab countries like the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are expected to contribute and Egypt is arming the rebels.
To make matters all the more interesting, today some pictures that make the United States look like a brutal butcher and occupier are released -
Commanders in Afghanistan are bracing themselves for possible riots and public fury triggered by the publication of "trophy" photographs of US soldiers posing with the dead bodies of defenceless Afghan civilians they killed. 
Senior officials at Nato's International Security Assistance Force in Kabul have compared the pictures published by the German news weekly Der Spiegel to the images of US soldiers abusing prisoners in Abu Ghraib in Iraq which sparked waves of anti-US protests around the world. 
They fear that the pictures could be even more damaging as they show the aftermath of the deliberate murders of Afghan civilians by a rogue US Stryker tank unit that operated in the southern province of Kandahar last year.
The Real Effect
I guess this is becoming a sport for the presidents now. The ground invasion will commence as soon as the air war fails to secure the ever evasive non-goal of oil sccurity, regime change, no flying or killing rebels. Of course, as previously stated, the Neocons are salivating over yet another pointless war that gives us the wonderful opportunity to have a dramatic Al-Quaeda face turn in true WWE style. It appears that bombing sovereign nations and aiding terrorist organizations in opposition to the Constitution is a Conservative Principle upon which this country stands.

Of course the timing of this has nothing to do with the so called Supermoon that was present that day. Nor does the fact that it's called Operation Odyssey Dawn mean a whole lot to the astronomically inclined among us. (Nor the new "suns" created in the Fukushima incident.)Think of this a sort of magical invocation, conjuring the spirits of war and death.

The fires of Arabic fury are being stoked in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. The pump is being primed, but the Muslims are not aimed yet. Yet, all bodes ill for the United States because even now, there are rumors of her demise.

Rome wasn't built in a day and it certainly didn't collapse in one either.

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