Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Gun Rights - Do They Exist?

Of course it's not for confiscations. Yet -
The Illinois attorney general says state police must release the name of everyone in the state who is authorized to own a gun.

Illinois state police determine who gets a Firearm Owners Identification card, which allows people to own guns. The police have always kept the list private.

But Attorney General Lisa Madigan's public access counselor released a letter Monday night saying the information should be public.

The Associated Press had requested the list of FOID cardholders but state police said that would violate the privacy of gun owners. The attorney general's office ruled that argument invalid. State police officials have not said whether they will comply with the ruling.

There are Republican-sponsored bills in the Illinois House and Senate that would prohibit disclosure of the information.
The Real Effect
Perhaps Illinois is aware of the 2nd amendment, that guarantees a right to own firearms?
This is generally how liberty erodes, not at the barrel of a gun, but at the end of a pen stroke. Note the slide into tyranny -
  • Introduction of Firearm Owners Identification card - Permits people to have an already permitted item.
  • Illinois state police determine who gets a Firearm Owners Identification card - Control on the right. Of course everyone gets one, until they don't. This shifts the control from the People, to the Authorities.
  • Attorney generals office ruled that argument invalid. (Regarding the FOIA) A bureaucratic office makes one decision that changes everything. Because, you know, they're sooo much smarter then us.
It doesn't take a psychic to see what comes next, once the list is released, some entrepreneurial group will find all the horrors of legally licensed gun-toting individuals. No doubt, there will be some doozies. Then, the clarion call, from a NGO of course, will resound across the land. 'These individuals can no longer be permitted to own guns! Our lives are in danger!' Then the political pressure hits and wham-o, confiscation. Not full confiscation mind-you, we're not that draconian. Yet.

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