Friday, March 11, 2011

Saudi Arabia, Check - A Review of the Chess Pieces Moving Into Place - Part 2

In yesterday's piece, we examined the globalist movement on the world chessboard as
they attempt to stoke protests around the globe, primarily in the Mideast. Today we continue that examination.

The Muslim world has been the recipients of MI6/CIA "stabilization" programs for decades with their kin bearing the brunt of the cost. (See Afghanistan/Pakistan for a current comparison) In short, the Muslims are being goaded into revolution. True there is a natural dispensation towards revolution presently, but the object of the reformation will be the revelator of the critical piece. Much like an abused woman who leaves a man merely to hook-up with another, more violent one.

This is manifesting into conflict and war. Some real, some manufactured. (Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Georgia, Mexico) Most, if not all are a direct result of government policy. Most is designed to set the table with the pieces in place for a great conflict. Much like the Aztecs would sacrifice to appease and empower, so too must this magical regime offer the blood of the innocents in a great spell to usher in the new era. Of course, the existence of the bloodshed will be the very argument for the advancement of those who caused it. But that little fact will be seen as irrelevant.

The movement seems directed towards militarization with many "leaders" rising up to seemingly throw off the old CIA remnants. Yet who is to say that these new benefactors are any more benevolent and less compromised than their predecessors? Especially in regards to the Muslim Brotherhood and their new caliphate. To this extent, you can view the pieces of the Grand Chessboard sliding across the board. Let's review the current conflicts as presented in the Series - Religious War.

Front 1 (Mideast) is active in myriads of countries as the protests spread from country to country. The basic thrust is against the rulers that oppress the people. But just what will happen when the people find who's been pulling the strings?

as the debt crisis has not only not subsided, but is intensifying with countries continuing to report record bond spreads, massive unemployment and civil unrest. Put simply, the Mideast has been more interesting news lately.

Front 2 (India/Pakistan)has been active for quite some time as these countries continued to be bombed by NATO and the US.

Front 3 (Far east) is relatively quiet. (The earthquake not-withstanding). However another aircraft carrier is joining the region for more drills aimed at North Korea.

Front 4 is active in Central America, however the recent protests in Madison seem to be a spark for the rest of the country.

Individual Points of Conflict
A review of the sides -
Side 1: Christian/Judaic -
  • The United States
  • Israel
  • The Crown Countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
  • European Union (U.K., Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Sweden)
  • Others - Georgia, Columbia 
Side 2: Muslim/Communist -
  • Central/South America (Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama)
Side 3: Indo-China
Swing players -
Non players - (Greenland, Iceland, Switzerland)
 Overall, there is a lot of movement, but not enough to kick start things quite yet.

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