Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Saudi Arabia, Check - A Review of the Chess Pieces Moving Into Place - Part 1

The pieces of the match continue to move with the globalists making an aggressive move -
Saudi police opened fire Thursday to disperse a protest in the mainly Shiite east, leaving at least one man injured, as the government struggled to prevent a wave of unrest sweeping the Arab world from reaching the kingdom.

The rare violence raised concern about a crackdown ahead of more planned protests after Friday prayers in different cities throughout the oil-rich kingdom. The pro-Western monarchy is concerned protests could open footholds for Shiite powerhouse Iran and has accused foreigners of stoking the protests, which are officially forbidden.
The Real Effect
This is not only a game of chess, but a sophisticated, hyper-dimensional drawn out brawl. Each issue, viewed separately, makes it virtually impossible to see the malicious machinations, but thoroughly explained and viewed as a whole, the picture of the endgame draws squarely into view.

You see, the globalists need a united devastated Europe (and to a lesser extent, globe) to bring their Phoenix into rule. But to accomplish such a feat, first you need to attack it with a credible enemy. But the issue becomes that people aren't generally willing to go along with such plans, so they must be guided into doing what the might deem right.

At the outset, it would appear that the protest/rioters would like a nice Democratic government, however, the thrust of their protests is not "for" a stance as much as it is "against" the status quo. Further, we must realize that to endeavor to end one issue is not inherently a referendum against another issue.  And in this paradigm is where the real danger lie. For those who pull the strings are fully cognizant of this fact and that when you crank up the heat, the desire of the recipient is not to question the situation at hand but merely to get out of the kitchen. To the level we have been deceived, we must realize that this holds true for the opposition. When deception is a given, you can rest assured that it will take a lot of time before the deception is eradicated.

As much as there is protests, there is a repeated global vote against the movement towards globalization at the hands of the globalists. To believe that all of the issues are the same, would miss the details pertinent to the situations at hand. However, they are all solely symptoms of a greater discontent that is resonating deep within the human psyche. Just how they acutely manifest depends largely on the geographical region that it manifests in. To simply chalk it up to some sort of global awakening places far too much credit on those that are merely reacting to the stimulus at hand. True, the global consciousness if you will, is learning more about the hand of the oppressor, but it is still learning about that which it craves most, liberty.

To be certain, the issues are predominately - Property rights and sovereignty. This is manifest in myriads of sub-issues but predominately in taxation and more specifically to service debt to bankers that manufacture that debt fraudulently.

At this juncture it has become necessary to address merely one aspect of the subject because these issues cannot rationally be dealt with simultaneously.

There is a new morality in play, defined simply as "Do as thou wilt"; yet the problem with this is it does not go far enough for the elite. Die, is more of their thing. And die we must, because the chess pieces are moving and our sacrifice will be demanded.

We examine more tomorrow in part 2.

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