Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Madison Comes to Washington

Who thought all of this was going to end in Wisconsin? Anyone...anyone...?
The House of Representatives on Tuesday voted 271-158 in favor of a stopgap spending bill that will finance the federal government for three more weeks.

The Republican-crafted bill, which cuts some $6 billion in government funds, will give Democratic and Republican lawmakers until April 8 to work out a deal on funding the government for the rest of its fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30.

On the final vote in the Republican-dominated House, 186 Republicans and 85 Democrats endorsed the bill, while 54 Republicans and 104 Democrats opposed it. The bill headed to the Democratic-led Senate, where it is expected to pass.

"This is a package that's made up of Democratic cuts," Jon Summers, a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told USA Today. "We're glad that Republicans worked with us, despite the objections of the Tea Partiers on the right."
The Real Effect
Here here! Down with those contemptible Tea Partiers, what with their balanced budgets and consistent foreign policy and all. What do they think we're Austria?!? As if!

All that the D.C. ilk is accomplishing is kick-the-can for another month. And in this game, when you kick it, it gets bigger and bigger. Note that the Republicans are acting all big about cutting like .0001% of spending?

You see, there's a FAR bigger problem then the spending and that is the Federal Debt. You see, that money is owed to the bankers and bankers like their monies. Take note of the following article to show you just how quickly this situation is going from manageable to "OH NO!" -
Just an Olympiad ago, in 2007, the picture was quite different. In fact, in that year, federal revenues not only exceeded mandatory spending, but they exceeded it by more than $1 trillion ($1.117 trillion, to be more exact). The next year, 2008, during which the gap fell to a still-huge $914 billion, the Bush administration released a report issuing a rather dire warning (p. 25). The report said that, “if left unchanged, mandatory spending alone is projected to exceed total projected Government receipts in approximately 50 years.” That dire prediction has now come true — about 50 years earlier than projected.
The left will sell you to the communists, the right will sell you to the corporations and just who is paying the bills? The bankers. So when this thing blows, look for the party that holds the debt to look to take possession of the collateral. Namely you.

I want everyone here to learn a new word, it is "receivership". And it's coming sooner than you would think.

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