Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A State of Things

Generally here on The Real Effect, I cover a given article on a day; noting the general trend the world is in and extrapolating the current course to predict the future. Somewhat simple, somewhat complex depending on your outlook. Today I wanted to take a moment to just note some general events occurring around the globe and how it may or may not impact things.

Europe - The debt situation in Europe continues to deteriorate even further as Greece desperately tries not to get flushed. Look for disruption in the Mideast to further tank European banks and subsequently their economy.

Saudi Arabia - The debasement of the dollar through QE2 continues to stir the hornet's nest with the long reported "Day of Rage" coming to Saudi Arabia on Friday. If this disruption hits the oil supply, Lindsey Williams' predictions of $150 oil may very well come true in the near-future.

Libya - A "no-fly zone" is all the rage at the moment. What a joke. Somehow, the United States thinks if there is some sort of conflict in the world, that we gain a moral imperative to bomb the country back to the stone age. This occurs without regard to our political leanings at the time, be they Rep. or Dem. We're definitely sore about this long standing "regime" and we're looking for any excuse possible to get involved. BAD IDEA. It didn't work in any of the past countries, so why would it work now? Here's a hint; quit messing in their country! (Israel too)

Iran - Continues to be a major goal of the globalists. Try and try as they might, the globalists can't get past a few facts:
  1. They have and continue to lie about past invasions.
  2. They are relying on scare tactics based on lies to get their invasion.
  3. If Iran is so dangerous, why haven't they attacked anyone in 200 years? Further, who attacked them in the 80s? Oh yeah, the United States.
Bonds - Consequently, the dollar. Pimco stopped buying them and even sold everything they have. Uh oh. Look out below. The dollar is about to get shot again. (And yet we are still exporting money.)

Commodities - Continue to explode. Silver especially is on fire; as predicted closing in on $40 an ounce. Also predicted, volatile oil prices again and other food commodities. This isn't going to get better when the dollar implodes. Quite simply, the big money is buying everything that's important and will continue to do so for the immediate future. We need to follow Iceland's lead and arrest the criminal bankers.

China - They lie more about their economy then we do.

Israel - Flexing their muscles and eying up Lebanon. That last beating that they took must have stung quite a bit.

North Korea - We're poking them, again.

Republicans - What, they lie too?!? No WAY!

I may update this more later, but probably not. The long and short of it is: A global depression is here, it is being masked by governments which are spending massive amounts of cash to blind their people to the truth. They are eying up war with each other in order to remold the world, eliminate debt and give the populace something to do. The people, are catching on to the game and starting to fight back. Yet the globalists are blurring the lines and poisoning the wells in an attempt to pit us against each other. Who will win? Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter....

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