Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Iran - Current Situational Analysis - Poisoning the Asian Well

I recently posted an update to the Iranian military action page (along with reordering it so that recent actions appear first). There is a world of maneuvering going on over the last few days -
The Real Effect
So what on earth is going on? Quite frankly, a large chess match. The US and Israel's goal, along with NATO, is to invade Iran. Russia and China, Syria and Iran oppose this. Let us take a quick look at the events leading up to this from Iran's perspective:
It doesn't take a genius to figure out what the US wants to do to Iran. As a matter of fact, they keep screaming it from the pulpits. So where do you stand as a nation?
  • The revived Russian Federation says they have your back. (2) (As part of the larger strategy)
  • Countries are stating they will buy more oil in an attempt to bolster Iran
  • China might have your back. (I would think that would depend on how much they think the US will retaliate.)
  • Do you take a shot at the UK's 'advanced' but eminently pegable and juicy target HMS Daring?
    • Will NATO take the shot? And then claim you did it?
  • You move your cutting edge, highly expensive facilities to where the 'enemy' can't get them.
  • Eventually you push ahead with nuclear warheads because if you can get them, perhaps you'll be left alone or at a minimum, you'll take the other side with you.
Overall, I believe all of this is designed to inflame two parties -  The Muslims in the Mideast and the Asian nations. If the US can get Iran, the focus on the war on terror shifts from the Muslims of the Mideast to the Muslims from such countries as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan which just so happen to share a border wiiiiiith...........

China and Russia.

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