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Elections 2012 - The Candidates

Updates: 1/19/2012 - Perry is rumored to drop out today. Gingrich was surging in the polls, but this interview with his ex-wife is going to destroy him in the south.

Front runners
Rep - Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum
Dem - Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, ?

Potential Republican Candidates for President (Run/Win)
  • Ron Paul - Texas Representative (9/7)
    • Only candidate that saw the "economic crisis" coming.
    • Polls high in NH.Second place in Iowa.
    • Most likely candidate to defeat Obama.
    • Will be portrayed again as weak on national security.
    • Candidates are trying to be him 
  • Mitt Romney (10/5)
  • Rick Santorum (5/4)
    • He's in...
    • Comes in 2nd in Iowa, falls dramatically in New Hampshire
    • Flip flops
      • Abortion
        • No abortions even in cases of rape; one violence is enough. (Aug 2011)
        • Exception for rape & incest ok, even though they take a life. (Sep 2006)
      • 2008 bailouts - Supported
        • 2005: Fannie & Freddie should create housing affordability. (Jan 2012)
        • TARP was biggest government intrusion into private sector. (Oct 2011)
        • Tax credits to promote home ownership in distressed areas. (Apr 2003) 
      • Marriage
        • Supports Federal intervention into marriage
        • Marriage is a federal issue; we need one definition, not 50. (Jan 2012)
        • Marriage Protection Amendment is last resort, but needed. (Apr 2006) 
        • No-Fault Freedom: doing whatever we want damages society. (Apr 2006)
        • Leave marriage definition to state legislatures & the people. (Jul 2004)
  • Does not support the Constitution
  • Supports the War on Drugs
    • Voted YES on increasing penalties for drug offenses. (Nov 1999)
    • Voted YES on spending international development funds on drug control. (Jul 1996)
  • Is pro-life
  • Supports the Federal Reserve
  • Department of Homeland Security fixed an internal mess. (Sep 2011)
  • Supporter of Medicare Part D
  • Supporter of No Child Left Behind
  • Is pro-war
    • Terrorism is an asymmetric threat; we need worldwide bases. (Jun 2011)
    • Don't cut one penny out of defense spending. (Oct 2011)
    • Supported the invasion of Iraq
    • Want's to "confront" Iran
      • Giving money to Iran rebels is not enough. (Nov 2011)
      • No apologies for past American interventions in Iran. (Aug 2011)
      • Iran has been at war with us since 1979. (Aug 2011)
    • Voted YES on Strengthening of the trade embargo against Cuba. (Mar 1996) 
  • Supported Sen. Arlen Specter in 2004
  • Supports the IMF, NAFTA
  • His nephew supports Ron Paul 
  • Cut all corporate tax rates to zero. (Sep 2011) 
  • Pro amnesty
    • Welcome legal immigrants as part of made-in-America plan. (Nov 2011)
  • Economics
    • Pro National Sales Tax
      • 84% of Americans pay more tax if we have national sales tax. (Oct 2011)
    • Likes to spend when he agrees with it
      • Voted YES on $3.1B for emergency oil assistance for hurricane-hit areas. (Oct 2005)
      • $90M to study effects of media violence on kids. (Apr 2006)
      • Fund reverse-commuting for distressed suburbs. (Apr 2006)
      • Voted YES on restoring $550M in funding for Amtrak for 2007. (Mar 2006) 
      • Voted YES on targeting 100,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles by 2010. (Jun 2003)
      • Voted YES on more funding for forest roads and fish habitat. (Sep 1999)
    • Pro austerity
      • Means testing: reduce Social Security benefits for wealthy seniors. (Jan 2012)
      • 1994: Proposed raising retirement age, despite unpopularity. (Sep 2011)

  • Newt Gingrich (7/2)

  • Drop outs
    Other important players
    • Glenn Beck
      • Supports carbon taxes, VAT taxes
    • Donald Trump
    Potential Democrat Candidates for President (Run/Win)

    The Issues
    • The Debt (National, State)
    • Foreign policy (4 concurrent wars - Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya)
    • Property Rights
    The Real Effect
    Week 12 - 8/12/2011 - Finally, some fireworks as we get the first Republican debate in Iowa. Not a whole lot to write home about but the results are somewhat encouraging. (Bachmann 4823, Paul 4671, Pawlenty 2293, Santorum 1657, Cain 1456, Romney 567, Gingrich 385, Huntsman 69, McCotter 35, (Perry got 718 write-in votes)) Yet Paul is treated as a media side-show by everyone under the sun.
     In relevant news, Perry finally got into the race.

    Week 9 - 7/22/2011 - The periphery is heating up as Obama is falling in the polls like a rock. The Republicans are hunting for a viable candidate even as they continue to give away the farm on the debt ceiling negotiations. 'Tanks in the streets' is the verbiage that is being used to bully the people into supporting even greater levels of debt. Look for more candidates to get involved as it becomes obvious that America is going down. Yet, the new candidates are just new window dressing on the same ideas that got us into this mess in the first place.

    Week 8 - 7/15/2011 - Wow, a month goes by fast. Not a lot has changed over the past few months. Thankfully the candidates positions are being fleshed out and this is allowing us to see just where everyone stands.

    Week 4 - 6/17/2011 - Ric Perry cashed in on the momentum of the previous week by giving what is being hailed as a 'Reaganesque' speech that all but solidified his entry into the field.

    Week 3 - 6/10/2011 - Rick Perry showed up in a big way when Newt's crew ditched him to hypothetically join Perry's non-campaign. Coincidentally, the Bilderberg meeting is occurring at the same time.

    Week 1 - 5/27/2011 - Up to now, we've seen quite a few dropouts in the fields with Donald Trump showing that he was nothing more then an establishment distraction, Schwarz being pushed aside because of his extra children, Daniels feeling the pinch of his state's Supreme court ruling effectively declaring war on his citizens and Huckabee falling out. Paul Ryan continues to obfuscate, but his off grasp/honesty on the Medicare issue going to remove him anyways. Herman Cain continues to draw in nominal Conservatives that aren't doing much research. At this point it's becoming obvious that the debt and property ethics are going to be THE campaign issues on the people's mind.

    Note: This is a resource and will be updated periodically. Originally published 5/6/2011.

    1/16/2012 - and now John Huntsman is out with South Carolina looming.
    1/4/2012 - ...and the first round in Iowa goes to Mitt Romney with second place going to Santorum? Michelle Bachman drops out with Perry eying the exit as well.

    1/3/2012 - And now Santorum is surging in an attempt to bleed evangelical votes from Ron Paul. It's the first Primary in Iowa and Paul is pulling ahead.
    12/19/2011 - I removed all the irrelevant candidates from the running list. Gingrich has enjoyed his 15 minutes of adoration and now everybody remembers just why they hated him so much. Paul is surging and looks certain to win in Iowa, possibly New Hampshire.
    11/10/11 - Between Perry's gaffes, Cain's women issues and Romney's liberalism it's a wonder the party still exists.
    10/5/2011 - Palin is out, Cain also shoots himself in the face with the OWS crowd.
    9/27/2011 - Rick Perry shoots himself in the face over immigration, Herman Cain wins the poll if Florida, Ron Paul continues to gain.
    8/22/2011 - Paul Ryan is out.
    8/14/2011 - Tim Pawlenty is out, Rick Perry is in, Michelle Bachmanm wins Iowa  straw poll.
    7/22/2011 - Jeb Bush throws his name into consideration, added Chris Christie
    6/21/2011 - Added John McCain, added Jon Huntsman, added Rick Perry announcement, added Gingrich data.
    6/14/2011 - Added Michelle Bachman announcement, Obama 1 term.
    6/9/2011 - Added Newt Gingrich campaign staff walkout and rating, Rick Perry potential, Hillary Clinton World Bank idea.
    6/8/2011 - Added Herman Cain issue (No Audit the Fed)
    5/27 - Added Michelle Bachman as Rep. candidate. Added Mitt Romney running. Ron Paul poll. Rick Perry, Rudy Giuliani potential run. Haley Barbour drop out. Added running analysis at the bottom. Added front runners section.

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