Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Iowa Post Caucus Analysis

Well, the opening salvo for 2012 has been fired and what a doozy it has been.

Observations so far:
  • All things considered, Ron Paul did amazing - When you factor in his complete lack of media coverage and backstabbing by the GOP, his results are all that much more encouraging.
  • Ron Paul won the most delegates. (Watch the Repubs change the rules)
    • From BI - Iowa's Republican caucuses are non-binding — they are technically just a straw poll, so once selected, delegates are free to vote for whichever presidential candidate they choose.
  • The "Iowa doesn't count" speech has disappeared. Convenient. 
  • Paul is polling 2nd in NH.
  • Santorum doesn't have the support structure or platform to make it much further. He is the flavor of the week.
  • Democrats support Ron Paul because they believe in him, not because they are messing in the elections.
  • There might be some statistical shifting (2, 3, 4) going on. Reports are that the entry and exit polls had Ron Paul at 30%. (Consistent with Drudge) If true, I don't believe it's enormous. Perhaps 2-3% was shifted from Paul to Santorum or Romney to create a "tie" there and make the story about those two and NOT about Paul's immense showing. Of course that "outside firm" would be the one fixing the results.