Monday, January 09, 2012

Round 2 - New Hampshire

The media tries to correlate cook = Paul and turn his "I went" image into a joke -
Describing the news media as mob-like, Ron Paul's campaign says the candidate was shaken up by what happened this morning.

His wife was shoved by a reporter, and his stop at a diner was cut short when he was mobbed by reporters before making a clean getaway despite pleas to stay.
The Real Effect
With the Huntsman "Hate" fraud being exposed, Ron Paul is surging. Look for fraud galore as the system tries to bury Paul here. Here's a quick tool for tonight, the backstop of vote rigging is exposed -
1. Removed safeguards for its same-day registration system.
2. Ignores the law on ballot-stuffing safeguards
3. Breaks the chain of custody
4. Conceals vote-counting from the public, in violation of Article 32 of its own Constitution
5. Removed candidate recount rights (2009)
6. Made it illegal for public citizens or members of the press to examine the ballots after the election is over (2003)

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