Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TSA - Out of Control Liberty Destroyer

This agency is a shield for the airlines and a disgrace to our country -
The incident occurred in the Continental Airlines terminal at Newark Liberty as Ryan and his wife passed through security to catch a flight to Baltimore. Being quite late at night, there was no queue at security whatsoever and therefore no reason to rush, and yet as soon as they approached, Ryan said his family was “accosted” by TSA workers and yelled at to get a move on.

TSA workers then yanked his son’s baby blanket from underneath him, causing the baby to cry as they lectured Ryan that he couldn’t take it through the metal detector.

After Ryan removed his baby son from the portable baby cradle in order to pass through the metal detector, the cradle was pushed through the x-ray scanner sideways and came out the other side broken. Ryan’s wife later said she saw TSA workers break the cradle as they forced it through the scanner.

TSA workers then began yelling at Ryan again as he tried to secure his son in the broken cradle.

“Just after picking up my son and walking maybe three to five feet away from the conveyer belt, he fell out of the cradle, one reason for that being that he wasn’t fastened in, one reason being that they had apparently broken the cradle,” said Ryan.

“My son fell on the ground and was bleeding and crying extensively, there was blood coming out of his nose, his lip was busted, he was bleeding, ” added Ryan.
As if that's not atrocious enough, it continues -
Ryan attempted to use his cell phone to call an ambulance, but noticing he had no signal, repeatedly asked the two TSA workers on duty to contact 911.

“They acted as if they didn’t see me, they just went about their business….rolled their eyes, meanwhile my baby is shouting and crying and bleeding” said Ryan, describing the scene as “horrific,” adding that the TSA agents did little other than smirk at Ryan and his stricken baby.

Ryan and his wife’s saving grace was an airport janitor who came rushing over and allowed them to use her cell phone to call for an ambulance.
But wait, there's more...
When he complained to the TSA, the agency responded by reviewing video footage of the incident and subsequently claimed the actions of TSA screeners were “inkeeping with official policy.”
This is exactly the kind of insane activity that I was railing about years ago when the announced the formation of the TSA on November 19, 2001, just a mere two months after 9/11. We hadn't even had a proper investigation yet, we just 'knew' that it was this guy and that this hastily created agency with total control over travel would somehow be better.

This is why most conservatives hold no standing in my opinion. They allowed this statist monstrosity of oppression to be erected with virtually no opposition and in some cases, thunderous applause!

They rail today about the Constitution and Obama, as if  suddenly they have found themselves.

What Constitution sir? You wiped your posterior with it with the creation of this behemoth. You further threw it away with the signing of the Patriot Act. And now that the chickens have come home to roost, it seems appropriate to quote -
“You get nothing! You lose! Good day,sir!”
 But wait, we're still not done - radio host and syndicated columnist Amy Alkon related the run-in she had with the TSA recently, saying she had her genitals inappropriately touched after opting out of a body scan. When Alkon asked to submit a formal complaint, a TSA supervisor refused to cooperate, refused to identify himself, and threatened the journalist with arrest.
Act now, and we'll throw in the kitchen sink!

If by now, you cannot see that these sort of machinations pose significantly greater risk to our country than anything any terrorist can throw at us, you deserve everything that the TSA will dish up now and in the future.

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