Thursday, November 01, 2012

Taxes Paid By You In One Form or Another

For this purpose we will consider fees along with taxes, we will not include tariffs -
(Here's an interesting look at one family's tax burden.)

  • Income: Federal, State, Corporate (Tax shelters for the elite, Higher taxed individuals create "deductions".)
    • Inventory tax IRS Interest Charges
    • Provincial Income
  • Inflation (A removal of the purchasing power of existent currency)
  • Social Security: 12.4% (FICA or OASDI)
  • Federal Unemployment: 6.2% on first $7,000 (FUTA), Employment Insurance Tax(EI)
  • Property: (Renters, this IS passed along to you in the form of increased rent)
    • Real Estate (Mortgage)
  • Sales: (County, City, State, Vehicle)
  • Capitol Gains: (Many corporations get multi-year exemptions; bailouts), Interest Tax
  • Accounts Receivable, Gross Receipts
  • Estate: ("Death" tax)
  • Inheritance Tax Interest expense
  • Utility (Power, Hydro)
    • Gasoline (42 cents per gallon)
  • Tolls (Airline Surcharge, Airline Fuel Tax, Airport Maintenance Tax, Bridge, tunnel)
    • Road Usage
  • Luxury Taxes
    • Service Charge, Recreational Vehicle , Film Tax (California - Captain America)
  • Sin Taxes - (Cigarette, Liquor, Poverty)
    • Telephone (federal excise tax, federal universal service fee tax, federal, state and local surcharge taxes, minimum usage surcharge tax, recurring and non-recurring charges tax, state and local tax, usage charge tax)
  • Health Tax
    • Medicare, Prescription Drug, Hospital Bed - (Wisconsin)
  • School Tax

  • Licenses - (Driver's, CDL, Pet, Fishing, Hunting, Food, Marriage)
  • Permits - (Building, Zoning, Fuel, Septic, Well)
  • Registration (Car, Trailer, Watercraft)
  • Mandates
  • Service Charge

  • Court
  • Misdemeanors "Crimes": (Anti-social tax, Speeding, window tint, recycling)

"Welfare" Programs
  • Medicare: (Part D) - 50 million people (8/2010)
  • Medicaid: $273 billion
  • Postal Service - 2 million employed
  • Mortgage Aid program - $1.4 billion (2009) (Feds backed 90% of mortgages in 2009, 96.5% in 2010)
  • School
    • Primary Education (Dept. of Education)
    • Student Loan Program
  • Draft/Selective Services - Generational tax; removes family legacies - Many rich can dodge the draft
  • Minimum wage - Form of taxation against the most poor/middle class. Removes entry class opportunities

Note: This is a resource and will be updated periodically.

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