Thursday, January 03, 2013

It's HIS Fault!

Happy 2013 to you all and let's get things started with a bang -
President Obama cut a video, distributed by his reelection, to reiterate his belief that the wealthiest Americans still aren’t paying their “fair share” of taxes and to outline a second-term agenda ranging from environmental policy to gun control.
Of course he feels it isn't.  It never, ever, ever will be. Just take a look at the fate of many 'progressive' nations from history or perhaps a few recent ones to understand that this is not a policy, not in the slightest. A policy would look something like this - 'The ideal rate of taxation is 35%. Less than that and we are not properly funded. More and we stall our economy.'

But this isn't designed to be a policy, it's a directive. More specifically a command to 'get the rich!'. 'They' did this to you, 'they' are responsible for your plight. Get them, squeeze them, humiliate them!

Eventually, one thing that becomes very revealing about 'progressives' is their stunning lack of definitions. Indeed, being a progressive often necessitates the ability to 'progress' (Read as change) a definition continually to get the desired result. For instance, just who are the rich? Are we talking about the 99%, the 1% or the .0001%? Ah, but you see, by not nailing down the subject of our ire, we're free to target anyone by simply redirecting the conversation. Which brings us to the truth of the matter, it's all about...power.

Hold that thought for a second as we look back to yesterday -
Theme : The year the world changed, for the worse. "That" guy is to blame. 

Like a bad divorce or a separating business, the business practices that were not only acceptable 10 years ago but commendable, become the 'I told you so' moments of the new age. People begin to turn on one another in droves as they need a raison d'etre for their pain, anguish and empty checkbooks. Surely they are not responsible in any way. It was THAT man, over there. He did this. He did this to us! And he must pay!
What's the official name for this? Class warfare. And right now the corpse of America is being picked apart for the spoils that are contained within utilizing this very technique. This is literally going on everywhere. In Congress  -
Upset over the number of days it has taken for lawmakers in Washington to act, Christie called the decision by GOP leadership to end its term without approving the $60.4 billion bill “disappointing and disgusting to watch.”
In South America -
In an emotional open letter to the British prime minister, Cristina Kirchner, Argentina’s president, has called on him to honour a United Nations resolution dating from 1965 and start negotiations about handing over the islands.
In the UK -
Downing Street said that the Prime Minister would “do everything to protect the interests of the Falkland Islanders”.

The source added: “The people of the Falklands have a clear desire to remain British and the Argentine government should respect their right to self-determination.”
I'm certain you get the idea. According to the paradigm, you are not even remotely capable of fixing, or improving, much less controlling your life. You have been victimized continually by forces unseen. It is part of why people are so edgy. The feel as though everyone is out to get them primarily because they are out to get everyone else.

You have a car? You don't deserve it.
You have a spouse? Surely you're abusing them somehow.
Got a job? You took it from someone who deserved it!

How?!? Who knows. This is part of why progressivism fails so miserably when it's allowed to mature. It literally cannot pay for itself. Consider the healthcare argument -

You have a 'right' to healthcare.

But how can this be? Healthcare is a service. One that's provided by another party at a cost to them. If there is an unlimited 'right' to it, the expense will likewise be equally unlimited. Human nature dictates that rather than be an open ended checkbook, most humans will quit healthcare and go into a more lucrative field thereby lowering the supply and raising the cost. So we see that a 'right' which creates a burden on someone else is no right at all as it creates an indentured servant.

Those in positions of power know this to be true, they realize that when you effectively utilize class warfare, you gain the power inherit with 'managing' the situation. More chaos = more power. This is why false flags exist and why true tragedies are followed with almost immediate calls to 'do something'. This power must be captured and harnessed by the 'virtuous' parties that will use the power for good, lest evil capture it.

This ultimately ends up being why definitions have to be so loose to the progressive. If things were more concrete, then the hypocrisy inherit in their position would become instantly recognizable to anyone who cared to look. Consider again the healthcare worker -

'If they have a right to healthcare, they will demand that right, from me. That in reality equals long hours, little pay and no appreciation. (It is a RIGHT after all) If I withhold it, it will be construed as theft and the services will be forcibly extracted.'

A law will rise that will dictate that a certain percentage of spending must go to healthcare, or else. But the infinite demand is more than the system can bear, so the parasite heads off looking for a new host. This is why these schemes inevitably become 'mandatory' for all as new blood is needed to prop up the failing system. Eventually, as the system faces collapse, the managers look for unwilling hosts to delay their eventual demise.

This is precisely why communism, socialism, progressive, etc always end up resorting to violence to further their aims. They have no standard, it is all relative judgments.

How do we know they are too rich? Because we are too poor, therefore they are 'not paying their fair share!'.

Make no mistake, once the 'rich' run out of cash, the sub-rich are next, then the middle-class, then the poor. Consuming like vile locusts all the way. And then, when we shall all be poor.

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